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Hi, i'm María Pía. I live in Uruguay and I am 11 years old. This is a photo of my 9 year-old horse Malibú Manchega. She is a dark bay and has a white star shape stain on her forehead. She loves carrots, but doesn't like cubed-sugar. She jumps very well indeed, and loves stretching her neck. We compete in show-jumping every weekend and sometimes, most of the times, win. I love her very much.

Hi everyone. I'm Brigid. This is a photo of my gorgeous (totally cute) black 9.3hh shetland gelding, Merlin. He is really naughty to ride sometimes but most of the time hr's great! (Even though I'm a bit big for him, I am 12). He is a great companion for my bigger pony molly.


My name is Amie im 12 years old and i have a pony named Jazzmine. she is the best pony in the world! I ride western doing key hole, Barrel racing, and pole bending. Jazzmine is a first place winner in Barrel racing and key hole!! Jazzmine lives with 9 other goats as you can see some in the background. This picture was taken is the fall as you can tell there are no leafs on the tree and Jazzmines winter coat has grown in. I would never sell Jazzmine she means too much to me.

Hi my name is LeA. I am 17 and I have a wonderful horse. His name is Gideon. He is wonderful. The only problem is that Gid (as I call him) has issues with his hock and or stifle that prevent him from showing right now and regular work. But I still love him. I wouldn't trade him for anything in the world. He gives me kisses and hugs. He loves a good scratch on his belly or withers. He is just the greatest. His favorite treats are Apples, and oranges. Recently Gid and me and my mom were taking a walk down or street so that he didn't stiffen up from not being riden and a dog came out at us a bite my mom and was going to come after me too. well Gid is normally a scardy cat but he twirled right around at the dog and if he had come after me or my mom again I just know that he would have kicked or bite him. Awwww..... My hero. I don’t know what I would do without my baby.

Hi, my name is Mary, im 17 and live in southeast MO. The special horse in my life is my 2003 APHA filly Delta Gold Bits AKA Sandy. Ive had her since she was two and she was barely halter broke. Now she is gentle enough for anyone to ride and is loping the barrels and poles and without being pushed she is already winning and has already won me two buckles! She is a big sweet horse and loves people. There is not enough money in the world to buy her and i will never sell her. I trained her completely by myself and i am very proud of what ive done with her. She is one in a million and worth her weight in gold. She is also a daughter of a 3X World Champion and both grandfathers are World Champions. Everyone tells me i will never find another horse like her. I also own 3 other horses...a 2002 mare Shesa Liberty Jet (started barrel horse), a 2005 APHA filly Sheza Impressive Diva and an old retired appy gelding Warrior.

My perty horse here is a 13 year old TB gelding. He was rescued from an auction were he was atleast 200 lbs under weight. His name is Ty. He is only a
beginner at western so he bucks alot and otherwise he's an all around good horse. I'm not in this pic
because I'm not perty like Ty! lol. Ty loves company
and he's a trail horse. He lives for the trails I can
tell you that!!!

hi my name is Megan this is a picture of twiggy. twiggy was a 15.3 12 year old mare. We bought her thinking that she would last me quite a while but after 6 weeks of owning this beautiful horse a tragic accident happened in her field and she had to be put to sleep. everybody said she was the perfect horse. I loved her to pieces even though I only had her for 6 weeks. Luckily that day someone else went to check on her and found her but I feel sorry for that person because early that month her horse had to b put to sleep as well .it was 2 days after my birthday. it has been 3 months now since that happened .but even though I know wont ever get another horse as great as her and it would be impossible to replace her but I have started looking for a new horse

This is me and my horse Abigal at our first Hunter-pace trail ride, that is my dad's arm and hand. Abigal is a 14.1h morgan mare. I've had her for a year and a half. before I got her, she had hives and the vet perscribed the wrong medacation, so she got white spots were the hives were, she is my backwards dalmation, also during that year and a half we went to game shows in my area, it was loads of fun. I'm Rachel and I just adore my horse

hiya my nae is zoe and this is my 3 yr old pony leo although he is only 3 he has already jumped 4 ft i love leo to bit but what makes even more special is when leo was a foal he was going to be sent to the meat man lukily I saved him and we now love going to shows together and we especially love going on hacks !!! i love you loads leo and always will.



Hi my name is Marley I am 11 years old. My best friend & I are totally horse crazy. I own a 12 year old Quarter Horse gelding. My horse Big Red is kinda mean. We love him any way. My best Friend Katie owns a horse named Duncan But she obsesses over our riding instructors horse named Molly. My other frienmd Rebecca leases a bay horse named Sky. Now about Red. he is an all around English horse. REALLY REALLY CINCHY! He may be agressive but I will always love him!

This is a picture of my two gals, "Ms. Stoney Sanchez" and "Dial Cathys Clown", purchased from a kill-buyer and quite possibly saved from slaughter. (I wasent taking any chances) I bought them each at "so much a pound" (minus approximately 200lbs for bone and grizzle).
They are the love of my life but are currently up for adoption. I bought them simply because I did not want to take a chance that they would wind up at some meat-market" auction or slaughterhouse. I Would love them to stay together (alone) as they are the best of friends, at least, when the're are no other horses around; ...enter into the picture another horse or two and that is another story. Poor little "Cathy" tends to get picked on if not kept alone with 'Chez. They are absolutely BEST FRIENDS when alone together,....running, romping, rearing & playing togther, and sharing even the same grain bucket They even do well together when locked in a 12x12 stall all night!! Cathy lays down to sleep at Chez's feet! I would hate to break up their relationship. Am praying that a suitable home will come up with nice living arrangements for them and with no other horses but with a "horse savy" family.....hope thats not just wishful thinking, .....I know you're out there somewhere.

HI...i am 13 years old, and we do not have horses at our house yet, but we are getting very close to being done building everything. I currently am taking horseback riding lessons a few miles away from home... There is on e special horse there for me...Gem. Gem is a polish Arabian. He is the sweetest little thing. He is about 14 hh or so. I love to mess around with him, he is a blast! He mostly loves to get groomed after a long ride..and get feed of course! And also...he just loves to be loved! He has his days though, of being a little stupid in the head. But dont they all? Anyways i really appreciate your time for reading about my most favorite horse in the world!

My name is Tera and i have the most awsome horse...His name is EJ but his redgested name is HezanIBM.He can do anything i want him to.He is a new horse 4 me because he is bigger then my pony.He is my BABY BOY.... He came from a rescue farm in Evrett.
He is my baby boy and I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!!


Hi, my name is Billie and I’m 14 years old. I go to a horseriding camp called Kiah Park and it is the best. The most recent time I went to Kiah Park something amazing and magical happened, I met Kobi. Kobi is a beautiful Thoroughbred gelding. He is dark bay and is very tall over 16 hh high. When I found out Kobi was for sale I really wanted to ride him, when I did I fell in love with him. My parents just recently put a deposit on Kobi to buy him. At the moment he is staying at Kiah Park but soon he will be moved to my riding school. Kobi has the most beautiful trot and canter and listens to what you ask of him. He loves to jump and has a very gentle and funny nature. This year we will be competing in dressage which should be fun. This picture is of my and Kobi competing in barrels in the senior group at the horse camp. We won a first place ribbon in barrels, thanks to Kobi! I love Kobi so much he is my baby!

Hey everyone, My name is Lisa, im 16 years old and i live in Canada. This is a picture of me and the horse i used to own/ride. His name is Kit. But sadly he was sold in august. I miss him terribly.. Please enjoy the picture..


Hi, My name is Kayla, i am 14 almost 15 and this is my boy Hawlyn Sun. He is a 12 year old Thoroughbred gelding. I've only had him since March 29 but I have learned a lot from him. I dont think i could have made it through this year without him. He has made my life better and helped me when things were hard. He follows me around everywhere. We do speed and we trailride. next year i am going to start showing him over jumps in 4h. I have four other horses here but the other one who will take me places is my Trakehner cross paint filly who will be 4 next year. she is black and will make an amazing eventer. she is fast and very light on her feet. She is going back into training next year.

hi, my name is beth i am 13 years old. i have numerous horse but my all time fave is trinity she is a 17.2hh sorrel chestnut mare she is 9 years old. she loves to do cross country and jumps about 4 ft i am part of the pony club and take part in local events aswell. but my speciality is dressage me and trin were born 2 do it. she has had 1 foal in the past called jasper who is now growin up 2 be a strapping lad. lv beth xx

Hi, my name is Cassie and I'm 17. Since I was a little girl, I've wanted to own a horse. I used to hhave a friend who owned one and I used to ride him. He was a QH gelding. Then I moved, and one of my new friends let me ride her Arabian gelding. This fall, I've been babysitting for my moms friend. For payment, she gives me cash AND gives me riding lessons. Now that it's colder out, I haven't had to babysit for her at the farm, so no more riding lessons for now. Now there's a horse I found for sale that me and my mom both want to buy. I've ridden horses alot in my life and know more than anyone in my fmaily. I don't believe I'm experienced though. I tihnk I'm intermediate or almost intermediate. The horse we want is a 6 year old Palomino QH named Sariah. The owners say she's green broke but would make a perfect 4-H horse. I wanted to join 4-H this year, but I don't know if I'm experienced enough to train her the rest of the way untill she's broke. She loves people and I know she's familiar with Parelli Training. I was wondering if I should go for her and either train her myself **if I'm experienced enough** or find a trainer or if I should wait for a broke horse. Help!
I've included a picture of Sariah.

Hi my name is Alysha.... I don't have a horse yet but the exciting news is that June 9, 2008 the day before my B-day I get It's going to be a mustang, there is a farm of them ran by the goverment about 10 miles away from us.... we are working on the pasture now!!!!!! I'm hoping I get new boots for Christmas so I can ride better. I had old boots but out grew them. Since i don't have my own horse I go to my friends and ride and we have so much fun. My friend and I can't stand diva girls but it's W/E....LOL.... well tata.........

This is my pony Misty. She is an welsh sec A and i svery fast and strong . I love her to bits and she is v v v good at jumping she can jumpat least 2 ft and she is only 11.3hh she is only 5 aswell!!! I am 12 years old and my name is Kassie. Just wanted to tell Misty ''I love u''


this is my pony megan sheis 22 years old.She is my lover. this pic show when she was 10 year old and her old home. she now lives with my granpa. I am 6 years old and my name is phoebe some people call me phoebes or bop-a-low.

This is me and my horse Abigal at our first Hunter-pace trail ride, that is my dad's arm and hand. Abigal is a 14.1h morgan mare. I've had her for a year and a half. before I got her, she had hives and the vet perscribed the wrong medacation, so she got white spots were the hives were, she is my backwards dalmation, also during that year and a half we went to game shows in my area, it was loads of fun. I'm Rachel and I just adore my horse

this is my pony he is an appaloosa belgian cross his name is Blaze and his show name Court Jester, and he is my life he is 15 yrs old and i saved him from slaughter






Hey! Im Kaitlyn and this is the best horse a girl could ever ask for, SS Basks Encore (or just Grace). She is a 3/4 Arabian and 1/4 Saddlebred that I compete in Western Pleasure, Halter and soon to be Reining and Cutting. She is my best friend and the one I can tell all my secrets to. I got Grace on Christmas of 2005, after I had only been riding for a year. I am 15 and my mare is 6. This year we are going to take on Class A shows...wish us luck!!

hello my name is trudi jones.
i live in the u.k
and this is my pony fluffy. yes she is a shetland but im small so i can ride her. i eneter shetland grand nationals on her. and yes i loves her very much . ive had her for a year nw she is only 5 and i broke her in myself.
shes doing well. i love her so much
ive never ridden her with a saddle. only a bridle.
i hope u all love her
i would never sell her

Hi! My name is Becca and I'm 12yrs old. This is a picture of my horse, Lena. Shes a 9yr old, blood bay, QH mare, with a rectangular star and a white sock on her hind left foot. She's the best horse ever I've always wanted a horse and she fulfilled my dream very well she was my dream horse! Seriously, I dreamed of a bay and when i saw her I knew right away she was the one! We do western pleasure, trail rides, and a ltlle bit of english including jumping. We are planning on entering her in some shows for western games and I think she's ready. I showed on a Morab mare last summer, but she tore a leg ligament and could no longer show. I now ride Lena and a Shetland pony named Cody that I'm helping to train for someone. He's spunky, but very obedient(most of the time!) Well thats about it so thanks bunches!
X Becca X

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