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Howdy! My name is Sasha. Im 17 years old.?I live in Texas. I co-own 3 horses right now. I want this story to be about Irish. He is a bay non-registered Quarter Horse. He is about 15.3 hands. He is about 10 years old.?He is my very first horse. I love him with all my heart. We have been through alot together. I don't get o see him much due to some unfortunate circumstances. I no longer live with my aunt who keeps him now. But I miss him alot. I wish I would have cared more back when he really needed me. I want to do barrels and shows one day. We ride Western Pleasure. We trail ride alot.

This is Daizey. She is a four year-old Morgan (TB/mustang) mare! She is 14.3 hands, and is the absolute love of my life! We both enjoy jumping and working with fast speeds like the canter and hand-gallop. She has a great trot, a seated canter, and the style of a Morgan. She's popular with the other horses at the barn, and she looks great in pink and purple!

My name is Brianna, I'm 12yrs old. I have a horse named Patty, she is a 18yr old AQH/Paint Mare! She can be the most stubborn horse I've ever met but I love her bits and wouldn't trade her for NOTHING.I want to show her in Halter Classes because I know she would be great! Anyways this is a picture of me and her and she was getting her shoes done and guess what we match! I LOVE YOU PATTY!

I'm Emma and I got my horse Larry as a surprise from my mom and riding teacher, Kris. One day my mom said we were going to go help find Kris a new lesson horse because hers is about 31 now and of course I believed her! My friend Sofi was with us and knew all about it and was practically laughing at me the whole time now that i look back on it. When we got there Kris rode the horse around, I thought he was perfect and hoped that Kris would take him when Kris asked me to ride him around just to see what he was like with a smaller person (I was about 9 then) and as soon as I got on him I was in love with him. While I rode him I saw my mom and Kris talking quietly I didn't pay much attention to it just kept riding. Then my mom came over with tears in her eyes and asked me if I wanted to talk him home. I immediately jumped off and hugged her. I was in a dream for the ride home. Now I'm 13 and still riding and having a great time on Larry or Flowers Legacy. I've only done a little jumping with him cause he's not much of a jumper but I show my moms horse. He now lives at home with me and tolerates anything I do and will do practically anything I ask of him.......just as long as it's not too hard. lol. He's trained in Western (which drives Kris crazy cause he's always popping into a lope) As well as English and is great in a cart and harness. I've only ground drove him but I'm planning on getting a harness for him for we already have a cart for another one of my horses. Though I've sworm I hate him at times I always know I don't really and we've gotten threw the harder times together.

hi im aimee i am 10. this is me with the best horse ever mo i dont own him but i wish i did i have done gymkanas on him and hes so good we have been jumping like 75/85 cm .i go to a great riding school im meanne.i dont know what breed mo is cause hes not mine but hes about 14 hands high i think. mo is great with anyone who is nice to him and he loves attention very much mo is the best friend i ever have had thanks!!!

Hi! My name is Pamela and we have recently began an Equine Rescue Ranch! Here is the story of our first addition to the family. Baby, is a rescue horse. As far as we can tell she is about 8-10 yrs old, the poor thing has been starved, neglected and abused. She has lost all body fat and is quiet simply a rack of bones, listless and weary. Her hip bones, ribs and backbone is all you can see....that is except for her eyes...beautifull haunting eyes...it was her eyes that ripped at my heart and secured her future with Brandywine Ranch. We could not leave her there, simply put, she had to be rescued. We invite you to watch her progress as we help her recuperate and bring her back to health!

Hi I'm Pita Bread, I ran away from my last home and ended up on the porch of my new owners house, Hal. She has put up found miniature horse signs and called vets and local stores but no one seems to want me. I love my new owner and she loves me, although I do nip a bit and I haven't even shed my winter coat yet, as of 5/16/07 I'll have lived with Hal for a week and I never want to go away, she told me she has always wanted a miniature horse because her aunt had some and then I showed up. She grooms me everyday and soon will show me in local shows that don't need registering.She also told me I am a beautiful stallion. I'm Pita it's so very nice to meet you....

Hi, im Megan I live in sw Missouri and im 14, heres the story of my horse My horse (that I don't ride) is Rolling Ridge Reflections Reward a.k.a. Tater Tot. Tater is my miniature horse mare. I've been so blessed to have her in my life. When your feeling sad or mad you can go right to her and she'll hug and kiss you! Shes the horse everyone wants! We show her in miniature horse shows. Her (and my) favorite class is liberty! She always beats the others! Thats my girl! She always has a little addittude, but thats just her! The best thing is that shes pregnet for 08! Oh and shes 28"! I hope you injoy her picture!

This is Jack and he loves to jump. He is seven years old and is very fast! he is also good at games and handy pony. one day we wish do to BSJA and be on the pony club sj team. he is realy nice pony and will never spook at anything!

Hi I am 11 years old from England, this is Huggy and I wouldn't trade him for the world, he was a rescue pony and found in a field barely 2 years old, huggy grew to love and trust even though he had been mistreated hes a 14.1 welsh section D 22yrs old he may be old but 2yearsago he came 5th out of great Britain in endurance riding what a star, hes not mine but im very close to him and hes perfect in every single way I will never let him go as he means the world to me hes not the best jumpers but can go 2 4ft which is enough for me ive been riding for about 3yrs and had to give up my old riding school as it was too far away, I miss all the ponys that taught me to ride and to love but now I have huggy in my heart and we are meant to be together im not the best at dressage jumping or cross country but im good at loving him. Xxxx love you huggy and always will even when you go you taught me so much and I could never forget that but im here because of huggy I thought I would never be a good rider but with huggy by my side my dreams come true xxxX

Hi! I'm Sarah and this is my 6 year old Quarter Horse/Mustang mix, Elijah. He's my first horse and an absalute doll! He loves giving my little sister 'pony rides' He is so understanding. He loves it when I talk to him! Right now he has a miniature dokey as a companion. All I can say is that he the best horse ever!

Hey, I am Elizabeth. I live in Texas and I am 12 years old. This is me and my BEAUTIFUL horse T.J. at a show in LA. T.J. is a 10 year old dun and white pinto. He loves to jump over fences. His favorite thing to do is cross-country! T.J. is my best friend and the one I can trust my life with!




Hey, my name is Devan, and this is a picture of me and my 4 year old mustang mare named Mae. I trained her myself as a starter horse. She came down off of a rear a few paces ago, so that's why I look ready to hit the dirt! She is, as you can see, a red sorrel that shines like fire when the sun hits her. I got her after 4 years of riding my borrowed wrangler's horse, Legend. He was a stunning flea-bitten Egyptian Arab, with wonderful gaits and a willing attitude. Tragically, a few days after I bought Mae, he was hit by a car after he jumped his pasture fence. He was only 12 years old. I still miss him, but I'm trying to put the pain in the past, and put my full effort into Mae. I don't think I'll ever forget him.

hi my name is lucy i am 11 yr old and live in australia. I owned a 13.1hh 20yr old palomino welsh mare. I only had her 4 6 weeks coz she had bowl cancer. i hav 2 say tht i love her so much n in the first week i was jumping 70cm++she had touched so many lives n it was a huge tradity tht i had 2 gat her put down but i had the experience of bending poles, barrel racing n jumping. so for all u horse lovers out there i have 2 sya tht horses are a full time commitment and have 2 be treated with love n care.

This is my horse Cassandrabay She is aregistered aqua. Shes an awesome horse Shes 14.1 hands tall shes bay colored. she is very very gentle!!! My name is Morgan I am 11 years old. My horse, CassandraBay is 3 years old and is well broke... Shes my baby girl... She also gets very hiper sometimes!!!! I LOVE HER!!!!! I got her from Scenic trail rides in Cook Forest!!!!!!

Hi, my name is Kalyn and this is my favorite horse in the world. His show name is D-Bar's Foxy Fella but his barn name is Fella. I call him Fellers but that is just my nick name for him. He is unfortunatly not mine but he is the one that I have ridden for a VERY long time in lessons at Misty Grove Stables in Concord, NC and at Latta Plantation in Huntersville, NC. He is a Quarter Horse gelding. He is 15 years old. He was recently for sale and I was SO close to getting him but then one day I called to get him and my trainer said that he was SOLD!!! I started crying so hard! It was so sad when I found out about it. Fortunatly he is still staying at the barn I am riding at but I will never be as close to him anymore. I still LOVE him a lot but just knowing that he is someone else's horse and that I am not going to be able to ride him anymore is heartbreaking. This picture is of me and him getting ready for my next event at a recent horse show that we just had in December of 2006. Isn't he cute?

Hi My name is Brittany i am 14 and this picture looks just like my horse her name is Star Babyshe is 3/4Quarter and 1/4 saddle bred horse and star is my life Star bonds with me more than any of my other horses and I do i have been raised around horses and i learned how to ride when i was 2yrs old and i was scared to death and now i am a natural i guess you would say my horse is 4 1/2 yrs old she is a Mare she has black stocking on all four with one white ring on her left hind ankel she is 18 3/4 hands high she is spoiled and no one can ride her but me she was my dream horse and i finally got her she is so beautiful before long i will have a picture of me on her on thi site i love horses i could write a book about horses and i live on a farm but i only mess with the horses and she has been in shows and won some trophys and we also have a barreler but i dont mess with him i only mess with Star she is a big huge baby and i love her thanks I LOVE HORSES and thanks for postin this.

Hello everyone! My name is Kimberly Anderson. I am 17 years old and have been riding for 11 years, training for 4. I specialize in problem horses and off the track thoroughbreds. I own a 17.0hh bay thoroughbred gelding named Buck. I am headed towards a continuing career in training and riding instruction. I board my horse at a beautiful farm, Willoughby Ridge Farm, located close to my home. I work at another barn instructing, riding, and doing stable management about a half hour from home. Looking forward to meeting you all and offering my advice/chatting with fellow horselovers. Happy riding!

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