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My name is Leann W. I am 16 years old and love horses. I live in the amazing State of Pennsylvania. and i would like to dedicate this story to an amazing horse that we had to put down on 5/17/07. Her name was Repunzle. She was only 6 years old. and i loved her more then anything in this world. She was bought from an auction by my friend Tina. Who i also worked for. and i keep my 2 horses at her stable. I helped her look after Repunzle. cause a day after she came to the Stable. We noticed her leg was swollen and she couldn't walk on it. After Days and weeks of vets coming in and out. They weren't to sure if the infection was on the outside or inside. well the swelling went down, and the infection on the out side went away. but the damage was already done. She coudln't walk, nor straiten her leg. She was in some what pain. but it never really got to her. The day came to were we thought it was best to put her down. It was the hardest thing i have ever went through. having to say good bye to a horse i grew attatched to. But its better now, she is out of pain and can run free with out a limp. RIP Girl. YOU WILL BE FOREVER LOVED AND MISSED! <3


Hi,my name is Brittany, and I am 12 years old and this is my 6 year old Saddlebred Arabian mare, Satin Shues.Her disapline is Jumping and Hunter Pleasure.Her mother is a grand halter champion and her name is Dancing Shues.We own them both.She is the best horse that I have ever owned.But she comes after my 25 year old Arabian horse, Kippy. I love them both to death.

Hello Everybody!

This is my horse, Muska.  She is 13.  I am 13, too!  We're best friends.  I love her so much!  we ride all over together.  She is an Icelandic horse so you can probably imagine what her winter coat looks like!


Hi my name is Kalyn and I am 13 yrs old. I ride saddleseat at Lenux Stables and Riding Academy. Here is a picture of me and Jack, 13-15yr old Saddlebred Gelding. He is my baby boy even though he is older then me!!! haha.... I love him to death and I am gonna be in a horseshow in a few months with him. It will be my first Saddleseat horseshow and I look forward to it. He does everything I ask of him and he does it with respect and kindness. Sometimes he is stuborn but hey every horse has its days!!!! I love him to death even though he isnt mine but I am glad that I get to ride him!!! I love you JACK!!!!!!!

Hi! this is me my dad, Jessie and Midnight about to go on a trail ride. I live in Australia, Midnight is a 15 year old shetland pony he is 10h Jessie is 20 years old and 13h high.

Midnight is sometimes naughty and I like to canter on Jessie. Midnight is a great jumper! and loves to eat. I am 9 years old and is absaloutly horse mad.

 Hi!, I'm Shaila, I am 13.  I have 8 horses on where I live. I own 4 of them, and love them all! But the one that stands out to me the most, is Cimmaron he is my registered 10 year old Leapord appaloosa with blue eyes that you can almost see thru!He's about 16.5 hands,and he's my baby boy I love him so much, people have asked me would I ever trade him for any other horse or any amount of money, I always say NO! and that's always going to be the answer, he is a mess though. He eats any sort of human food. Pizza, Soda, crackers, you name it he's had it! He gets spooky sometimes but most people would say it's because he's got blue eyes. But I think that most horses have those little moments and you'd be lying if you said you're horse hadn't ever spooked... I actually have a funny story about him drinking my Dr. Pepper, I was riding him in a drill team competiton and I had sat my Dr. Pepper on the trailer where he was tied because I had to get something out of the truck. Well he dumped my Dr. Pepper over and lipped up every sip I had of it!  I was so shocked that he could be that smart as to do something like that!. But through that story you can probably see why I love him so much, and he never ceases to amaze me!

i hav a  pony callled lilly she is 13.3hh and 6 years old i jump about 80cm and i love her she i great at anything such a stock work and dressage 
i have been to  2 shows and have won 6 ribbons all together . she is so great and love every thing about her.

Hi.. My name is LeAndra & this is my horse Gideon!!!! he is the greatest.. he is 16.3hh Paint.. he is lame... but hes still my baby... i love him more than words can say.. hes my greatest love and best friend...


He’s a Royal Red Dun (King), is the end of my search to find my true, and best friend. Every morning I look out my back door and I see his golden coat glowing, as the sun peaks over. With a squint in his eyes he looks up at the house, he awaits for someone to come say the simplest, hello. With a low and exaggerated nicker, he replies. I don’t think I could walk into my barn without a smile.
King is about 25, you would never know. His favorite thing to do is jumping, barrel racing, and galloping up huge hills. He hates to leave one inch of open land un-touched. We bought King while our family was still learning about horses. King taught us so much about it, and he taught us more about ourselves. He trusts us, and we trust him 100%. King is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Everyone would want a great friend like him. He’s more than a old, dirty, pooping machine. To us, he is family. We celebrate every day with him. He’s the key to that door that is always open and awaiting. Each and everyday is a new adventure with King.
I feel so lucky that I am the one to get up early and feed him, exercise him, and most important love him. He’s done so much to our family. He has our hearts. I love him very much.

This is my amazing warmblood x eventer, Aero (show name: Aero Dynamic 111). We have been together for about a year and a half now, and he really has taught me so much!! We are going affiliated this year and are generally aiming high! We compete currently at Open level unaffiliated competitions and are looking for even bigger challenges. Within the last few months, we have secured 10 wins and several placings in all three disciplines!
Recently however, my old pony, Jim (story and pic on a previous page somewhere) passed away. It was a really sad time, and I wouldn’t have got through it if it wasn’t for Aero keeping me positive.

These my mares Northern Tuscanny A.K.A Ghost and Free Destiny A.K.A destiny they are my life, but unfourtunately we have to sell Destiny... i LOVE them to pieces. Ghost is 12 off the track at 10, and we found them both last year in a run down field with no food, starving and malnourished so we found a way to contact the owner and then we took ownership of them. Destiny is a 10 yr old off the track for a couple yrs too. Ghost is the Gray and destiny is the Bay. they are both in love with jumping and, i've already shown Ghost, and she loved it and being able to show off too! Destiny loves trail riding almost as much as jumping and her fav thing to do on the trails (besides go) is going up and down ditches!!!

This is Sambra and me on the Campo (in Spain) taken in a split second as she stood quite still for once!
Sambra is an Arab/Andalusian cross and she has all the beauty of both breeds; she has a strong character, wonderful movement and a feisty but generous nature. She faces up to all the challenges I put before her and rarely says No! She's around 14'3 and approximately 13 years old (going on 4!) and has the stature of a stallion! Everyone who meets her is in awe by her and she knows it, even other horses!
I have had the pleasure and honour of owning Sami (my pet name for the Love of my Life!) for the past 3 years and I livery her at the El Hipico (Las Filipinas) stables with Mustafa in charge! She is very happy and content; and her favourite pastime (apart from eating that is!) is to roll in the spacious sandy paddock we have at the stables.


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